The End of the Drive In ??

We went to the drive in last weekend.. we saw Rush Hour 3 – which was pretty bad, they actually did a remake of “who’s on first” based on chinese names, “No, I am Yu,” that went on for about 10 minutes & The Bourne Redundancy, which was boring enough that we were willing to leave when the jack ass parked next to us lit up a cheap, stinky, cigar. we were mostly there out of a feeling of obligation anyway, because Cinderella Twin drive in posted the following on their website about a month ago:

For years, rumors have circulated that the drive-in was being sold and that “this is its final year”.It seems that finally, that may be true. While we are not 100% sure this will be our final year, we are 95% sure.Plans are well underway to begin building anapartment complex here this fall.
Something could still delay or cancel that project but it isn’t very likely. We who operate the drive-in do not own it and have no control over it being sold.
All we can do is tell you that we feel it has a very good chance of not being here after this season. So come out often and enjoy it while you can.
We plan to be open weekends through September. Beyond that, it doesn’t look good.
If the situation changes, we will update this message immediately.


oh no!! knowing this you would think that we would be there every weekend, sneaking to multiple screens, etc. but not so much.. we went last weekend because, like i said, we feel a little obligated at this point because we only have a few more weeks, and we know we’ll miss it next year when don’t have the option, but it was a half-hearted attempt (although we did spend a bunch a money at the snack bar). maybe that’s because as i mentioned it’s been quite a dump this season. I think we’ve only been there about 4 times this season. maybe it’s because 88 drive in has assured everybody they are not closing, so we’ll still have the option. but we’ve only been to 88 twice this year i think, but i kinda want to go this weekend to see the new Halloween. but 88 is totally like the small town drive in, one screen, they’ve got these weird doors on the bathroom stalls, and they make you honk the horn to start the movie. then again, they do have funnel cakes.

anyway… could this be the end of the drive in for us??? only time will tell.

Posted: Thursday, September 13th, 2007 @ 4:11 pm
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