The end of the drive in!! part 2

This time it’s not so much a question.. I was hoping to go to 88 drive in, the small town drive in, to see “The Invasion” followed by the new “Halloween,” because a horror movie at the drive in is a good time. that’s the double feature 88 had posted on their website along with a farewell to their friends at the Cinderella Twin and a commitment that they would be open weekends thru october, weather permitting, and they would definitely be back again next year.

then i went to check and see what cinderella had planned for their next to last weekend to see if we should be going there instead while we can and they were planning so crazy comedy show with men in drag performing on the roof of the snack bar (no i’m not making that up). since i was sure i wanted nothing to do with that, i double-checked 88 for showtimes & such and they had posted this:



WTF?! how do you just close for the season six weeks early with no warning?? they had coming attractions posted for chrissake!! now their coming soon page says “Coming soon: SNOW” – it’s still nearly 90 everyday!!

what is wrong with these people?? and i can only assume that cinderella is probably closing a week earlier than anticipated as well. but i have to tell ya, it has made me totally ok with them closing. i’m sure i’ll miss it eventually, but at this point.. whatever!

Posted: Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 @ 11:16 am
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