It’s Britney’s world.. we just live in it

so either it was a slow news day today or else britney spears is no longer just a celebrity who’s life should be chronicled on page six or somewhere under “entertainment news,” and since we are at WAR i can only assume the latter and that britney’s custody issues trump death & destruction, politics, or even sports news for christ sake! she was the headline all afternoon on all major news outlets on tv and the internet and the lead-in for the local news.

and when did CNN start using TMZ as a source??

i mean is it just me who thinks this is weird and insane? i mean yes i consider gossip news, but i can only name two justices at this point and i don’t even know the capital of north dakota, i mean my iq is dropping daily (possibly because of the gossip), so it’s fine for me to take an interest, but seriously… why do people care? what happened to the world?


i feel like i’m taking britney pills – aaaahhhh! i mean crazy pills!!

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2007 @ 7:40 pm
Categories: Gossip, Rants.
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