we’ve been googled! (and not in a good way)

so i was pulling into our neighborhood today and this car was coming towards me with this strange apparatus sticking up about four feet in the air. i thought it was odd but lots of those wacky outdoorsy people here have crazy bike and/or ski racks on top of their cars so i assumed it was some new fangled thing i have absolutely no use for. then the car turned and i saw the GOOGLE logo on the side of it!

BOLLOCKS! that’s the google street view picture taking car!!

currently when you go to google maps and put in my address, you get this..


and that’s bad enough, because you can clearly see the sign with the silhouette of a fox that kylie barks at every time she leaves & returns home. but now that bugger is going to take a picture of my front f’ing door! and if my car was parked in front they’d have my license plate number! why don’t we just have ssn.google.com so you can look up people’s social security #’s too?! fortunately, my car was not in front (my car is never in front because it’s always in the shop, but that’s a story for another time), our RV was in front (yes, we now have an RV, but that is also a story for another time), and fortunately the RV only has a temporary tag on it – but still!!!

yes i accepted years ago that in the age of the internet, privacy is an illusion – but still!!

anyway, beware the google-mobile, and whatever you do don’t go outside to get the newspaper in your unmentionables!

Posted: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 @ 8:46 pm
Categories: Random Crap, Rants.
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