blogger’s block

yes, yes, nearly two weeks is nearly unacceptable, but sometimes as a blogger you just get blocked or burnt out or something. basically sometimes its just not fun to blog. but here are a few highlights of the last two weeks…


got a visit from Zorak, he was just hangin’ out in front of our house.

pretty cool, huh? hopefully he brought some good luck with him.

got a phone call from a guy with the colorado avalanche organization trying to sell me a baker’s dozen of hockey games. i was his last call of the day and i’m pretty sure he wished he had gone home early. no, i didn’t yell at him or blame him for the demise of the nhl in my eyes; it was much worse than that – i whined. i explained how much we loved the game and how much it physically, emotionally, spiritually hurt me when they didn’t play. ya know, the girl perspective on sports. poor guy was just looking for a commission. and ok, i was kind of looking for a gesture of good will.. i mean, if they really want me back they can surely spare one set of tickets for just one game for free. m’s theory is that i went to a game live, in person, that i could be convinced to forgive (tho not forget). watching on tv is never going to work because you are subjected to the annoying announcers and barrage of beer commercials, but at the arena you get to watch the zamboni and the pee wee players (arguably the best part of pro hockey), and hear the sound of the blades on the ice and the occasional puck hitting the crossbar, drink a five dollar soda, have people shooting t-shirts at you with a potato gun, feel the pressure of the power play, etc. it’s the best! god i miss hockey!! anyway, no such offer was made which is probably for the best because i don’t have the time or finance$ to go back.

speaking of sports — GO ROCKIES! (no i’m not jumping on the band wagon but i’m happy for their fans, i vaguely recall how exciting the playoffs can be.)

oh, i added a couple things to the weekly tivo lineup. tuesday night’s “Pushing Daisies,” which i think is trying a little too hard to be dark yet charming, and i think the critics are just happy with it because it is different for a network show, but long-term the narration will probably become tiresome. we’ll see. also “Life,” which i’m very ambivalent about, which will serve me well when it gets cancelled. having him try to solve his own case that sent him to prison for 12 years in his free time really isn’t that much of a twist on your typical show about a quirky detective. but, we’ll see.

most importantly i just learned that BLOCKBUSTER has reached a new level of evil (who knew that was even possible?)!! so i go to Hollywood Video over the weekend and i’m looking for 1408. i was originally thinking i would wait to watch it to nearer halloween, but i was somewhat desperate for entertainment on a cold and rainy saturday night. i expected it to be all checked out considering it was like 9:00 on a rainy saturday night which typically means there’s like 3 dvd’s left in the whole store and those are foreign films, but i couldn’t even find the empty “display copies” on the shelf. so i pick up some drew barrymore romance nonsense (ugh, well at least they’re likely to be speaking english, and hey, “music & lyrics” was pretty funny), and i ask the nice kid with pimples & braces about 1408 and he said they were all checked out and i said but i didn’t see an empty space for them anywhere on the shelves, and he was umm, uhh, really evasive and said well we only have a few copies because it’s umm.. a “blockbuster exclusive.” what does that mean, you ask (because i did)??? it means that even tho they all use the same distributor, blockbuster cut a deal with said distributor to have exclusive rights to certain rentals. WWHHAAATT??!! i know right!!? so the only reason hollywood video has even a few copies of that movie is because they went out and bought them RETAIL!! that’s it!! blockbuster is the devil!! they’re like the microsoft of movie rentals! i detest them! and i will NOT condone this and rent from them because i have to. there is still on demand, or amazon unbox, or illegal downloads (just kidding), or something. i will not be blockbuster’s bitch!! they are DEAD TO ME!

aaaaanyway!! what else?? i actually think that’s it for now… but hopefully now i won’t be blog blocked!

Posted: Monday, October 15th, 2007 @ 10:55 am
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