News Flash: Dog the Bounty Hunter is NOT black

..didn’t know if you knew that since he apparently didn’t know that until now. at least that’s what he said when he faced the camera’s last night for the beginning of the apology tour ’08. too bad he couldn’t have combined that with his book signing tour. i wonder if you could get a refund on his book if you wanted..

“I now learned I’m not black at all,” Chapman said.

i know, right?! that’s hillarious!

yes he basically claims that he thought he was “in” with the “brothers” like he had been issued some card from the chance pile that said “Use the N word at will.” he really made no sense at all – big surprise. but he did say, “If I could kill myself and people would forgive me, I would do that.”

..hmm, ok do that then.

as disgusting as the nonsensical performance, was and not even the slightest bit convincing or sympathetic to rational people, i did giggle in sheer delight a few times when he expressed how much they are suffering as a result of this – because that i DO believe. and i have to enjoy that while it lasts because i am now willing to change my prediction and, though i hope i’m really, really wrong.. i’m pretty sure they will get their suck ass show back. :(

truth is, there are just some people who can lie and deceive and cheat and never contribute anything positive to the world and be basically, completely full of shit at all times, and still manage to come out on top. i am experiencing that in my own personal little reality show of “office politics Survivor” currently. :( (btw, that is why i never got back to the story about the new girl at my office because events have unfolded to make it not funny anymore.) :(

it may not happen right away, but duane chapman will be back because people are stupid (and quite racist). :(

however, i would not think that his pledge to be buried among the unmarked graves of the nameless slaves of george washington, after first putting markers with at least first names on their graves, would not score him too many points with anybody. what the fuck good does that do? how about you donate some of your ridiculous amounts of a&e or book money to some inner-city programs or something you socially retarded jackass?! btw, making your hair 4 inches tall doesn’t add to your height.

he’s on larry king tonight which technically i shouldn’t watch because larry king went straight to my DEAD TO ME list after the Paris Hilton “interview” slash ass-kissing session. actually i shouldn’t watch it because my head might explode because i’m sure larry will kiss duane’s ass too. i can only hope that it steals some of the 3% share of the viewing audience that might otherwise watch criss angel mindqueen on “phenomenon” tonight.

Posted: Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 @ 2:13 pm
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