Big, Breaking Britney News

About an hour ago we just happened to catch a headline about a big mele at brit’s house with cops, paramedics, and helicopters circling above. holy shit!! but where’s up-to-the-minute coverage when you need it?? i’ve refreshed tmz so many times my enter key is getting worn out.

finally somebody posted on ohnotheydidnt there’s live feed on fox’s LA affiliate:

the only sound is the camera man in the chopper, not broadcasting, just babbling, and bitching, he’s quite the comedian.

so here’s what we know.. k-fed sent his bodyguards to pick up the kids at the scheduled time per the custody arrangements, reportedly 8pm pacific. britney refused to surrender them, so popozao called the popo as any concerned papa would. apparently in the 3 hours that followed the shit hit the fan!

paramedics were reportedly providing medical attention to someone inside and all that’s on cnn, headline news, fox news, etc. Obama, Iowa, Caucus, Caucus, corn, Caucus.. WHO CARES??!!

eventually they wheeled somebody out on a gurney, allegedly the pop train wreck herself, then allegedly they carried a child into the ambulance too. [i saw the gurney for myself, but not a kid being carried.] the ambulance had a hell of a time pulling away from the paparazzi who literally chased it on foot for blocks. morons!

so far all that’s been said and i assume its speculation is that she’s been taken in for some sort of emergency psych eval.

damn, i’ve now blown my self-imposed, new, school night curfew on day 3! thanks a lot, britney!

you may be able to get the official story and related video on the L.A. Fox website.

Update (or lack thereof): 8 AM mountain time.. WTF? eleven minutes in to the news and nothing??? when did america stop caring about britney?!

Posted: Friday, January 4th, 2008 @ 1:14 am
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