I can’t do anything right !!!

i’ve always said i could never be an alcoholic, it requires too much of a commitment. and now, so much for my career as a junkie, i’m even failing at PRE-hab! as best as i can count i took 20 pills yesterday:
2 – flexeril
4 – oxicodone
8 – advil
6 – steroid pills, at least the doctor told me they were steroids. there are 18 letters in the name of the drug, but it starts with METH (yikes!)
hey.. i wonder if the steroids would ENHANCE my PERFORMANCE in Wii sports??

anyway, after all that, i couldn’t even sleep last night so what’s the point?!!
but i have to say that today is the first day i’ve felt human in like 9 days. i just made my own tombstone pizza! yay, me!

seriously, i have been astonished and disgusted that one could experience so much crippling pain without first having been hit by a truck, or using a ramp to jump over a cabin on a snowmobile then falling off the snowmobile, crashing to the ground and having the snowmobile run over you. (sorry, i’ve been watching a lot of tv “on demand” and i got caught up on “SCARRED” – idiots!)

but nope, you just have to get old. so i’m considering a chiropractor when i’m more fully recovered and even {gulp} excercise to reduce the risk of a repeat incident. and i have one friend who says its caused by stress and inner turmoil and that landmark education could fix me right up. but i think i’d rather {gulp} exercise.

by the way, britney must be taking at least one of the same drugs i am because while i couldn’t sleep last night i did have a nearly uncontrollable urge to go on a nude shopping tirade like she did the other day.  see life & style weekly for the whole story. but i didn’t see that listed on any of the potential side effects…

oh and the latest britney news… her and her stalker turned boyfriend were shopping for pregnancy tests today at rite aid. check it out on People Star Tracks..


Posted: Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 @ 2:18 pm
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  1. leslie Says:

    Glad your doing a little bit better… where did you hear about britney spears shopping naked?

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