A personal plea to the Writer’s Guild

Dear Striking Writers, Puhleeeeeeeaze work out your differences with the man!! my 22 remaining brain cells beg of you, rescue me from the cesspool of reality tv that is vh1. seriously, “rock of love II” is the worst thing i’ve ever watched but i’m watching (thank you btw, bret, for ending angelique’s tour early); and i don’t care if chachi is having a baby or peter brady is getting divorced, but i’m watching!! [i don’t feel bad for watching “celebrity rehab” however, it’s actually really interesting, and i think it would be just as dramatic if they weren’t celebrities, and really i don’t know who half of them are so i’m not sure the word celebrity even applies, but what civilians would allow their recovery, the worst experience in their lives to be filmed so whatever. plus it is allowing me to forgive dr. drew for the whole big brother debacle, and i like him so that’s good.]

the wii has been a big help however i’m finding i have a bit of a motion sickness issue with a lot of games, which is just fantastic – yet another symptom of an aging genX-er. like that elebits game, which is award winning and i certainly see the appeal, you get to trash the place and shoot at little things that sound like kittens (which, ok makes me feel a little guilty), it’s fun, but about 15 min in.. Buhlaaah! currently i’m struggling with soul calibur. we read that it helps to chew gum while you play so i am but i’m barely coordinated enough to walk and chew gum let alone chew gum and try to kick some dragon’s ass! fortunately it only makes me a little nauseous, not like i’m gonna hurl. but i digress..

where was i? oh yeah…

PLEEEEEAZZE! you have to compromise at some point because i just can’t watch american gladiators. but people are, and they’ll watch big brother, so the networks will not lose any sponsorship or money. you sadly do not have the bargaining power that you should. i mean i hate to tell ya but dave, and john, and stephen are doing just fine. you’re gonna hafta bend!

for chrissake, i’m looking forward to LOST – and i hate LOST!! So Pretty Please, With Sugar On Top??! make a fucking deal! {openly weeping}

Posted: Sunday, January 27th, 2008 @ 10:18 am
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