The State of The Union

well, the police were called to Britney’s house again last night. here’s how it allegedly went down…

she was in the car with that sam lutfi guy, former manager slash hanger-oner, as they approached her house she suddenly got out of the car crying, carrying her poor yorkie named london (Brit must have got that british accent from the dog), and uncharacteristically asking the paparazzi to leave her alone, which of course they did not. she sat down on the curb crying, supposubly called Adnan, her boyfriend slash stalker, begging “baby, can you come pick me up.” but before he arrived she had gone inside and when he got there he was denied entry. he tried calling all SIX of Brit’s cell phones but no luck. he was getting text messages from Sam that because he is a “manic trigger” for Brit he needs to leave her alone. [ah-ha!! that’s intervention speak.] so the police were called to the premises either to get him to leave or to get all the paparazzi to back off because of course they were swarming and so were the helicopters by now.

oh! funny story… last time the choppers were overhead, nearby neighbor, george clooney said he thought there must be some escaped convict roaming the hood. he was a little concerned. then when he learned his proximity to britney’s house, he was a lot concerned, he apparently had no idea and reportedly is now planning to move – soon!

anyway.. back to the crazy.. so it had already been reported that Britney’s mom, Lynn, and dad, Jamie (hence the name and fate of poor little, Jamie Lynn Spears) were both in town – odd since Brit has had nothing to do with either of them of late. well, they were both at her house, as was her best friend slash cousin, Alli.

so personally, i think it’s INTERVENTION time! and obviously they wouldn’t want Adnan, the leech slash bipolar-enabler to be there. tho apparently they did eventually let him in – i’m guessing they caved in to Brit on the issue, which does not bode well for their intervention technique – plus they took her to Long’s Drugs and while I personally really miss shopping at Long’s Drugs, I’m pretty sure you can’t get PROZAC over the counter, at least not yet. so we’ll see how it goes…

oh.. funny story.. turns out jeff vandickhead, one of the primary interventionists on the show “intervention,” is not even an addict — he’s just a churchy!!! he got his training at some church program! what a crock! and i thought i couldn’t hate him more. but that does explain why he seems drunk himself half the time.

–you didn’t think i was going to discuss the presidential address did you???

Posted: Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 @ 11:13 am
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