Super Monday

so two pieces of the most SUPER gossip were sent to me…

first, from page 6 of the new york post, apparently people in the food service industry maintain a database of notoriously bad tippers, appropriately called the “shitty tipper database,” on on which you’ll find David Lee Roth, Cohutta from the real world sydney, and lots of other just plain, unfamous people. but who ranks as “the worst ‘celebrities’ to wait on”?.. “Scandal-scarred bounty hunter Duane “The Dog” Chapman.. and his wife“!! awesome! they reportedly dined at tgifriday’s in honolulu w/a party of 6, the tab was just over $250, the tip a 10 spot! classy!

according to one bitter waitress, “They are very high-maintenance, they expect to be given the celebrity royalty treatment, treat service industry people like slaves . . . and give less than 5 percent.” Chapman could not be reached for comment. I’m surprised they still go out in public!
[okay, on a side note and in NO way to defend the chapmans, the lowest tip i have EVER left was at that VERY SAME tgi friday’s in honolulu. the waitress was HORRIBLE, really rude when she was around at all! at some point she literally flung the “doggie bag” container of food we asked to take home on the table as she walked by without even slowing down. so when we fiiiinally got the check we rounded up to the next dollar, literally leaving her nothing but change. and as we were almost out the door she walked up behind us and yelled, “don’t you want your change?!” omg! we were so pissed! we told the manager, he apologized, yada yada. then we found out from a friend of a friend who worked there that the waitress from hell had given notice, and that was like her last weekend, so she just didn’t give a crap. but that means, i know that the dog didn’t have to deal with her, so there’s likely no excuse.]

second, speaking of the chapmans going OUT in PUBLIC.. from the Andrew Luster Justice Forum (andrew luster is, the max factor guy who dog and his sick puppies bounty hunted in mexico to make a name for himself. but bounty hunting is illegal in mexico so the dog, & the perv, & i think leland got arrested, then ironically jumped bail, and you know the rest of the story..):
— Tim Chapman Prior Sex Offense Conviction Revealed
Tim Chapman admits to indecent exposure charge.

ooooh, this is gonna be good, i can tell:
The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Tim was previously arrested and charged with indecent exposure to minors and adults. He was jailed after being observed masturbating behind a tree while watching four young women play tennis in Colorado… After pleading “guilty” and then “no contest” to the charges, Chapman skipped out on court-ordered community service [he SKIPPED?! really?! just like the “scumbags” he “apprehends” now. interesting!] before being jailed on Jan. 7, 1988. He was released on Feb. 23, fined court costs of $88 and was ordered to perform 24 hours of community service.

so mr. pervy mcmastrubator has a record.. shocking! it goes on to report, “IN A HANDWRITTEN APOLOGY letter to the court, Chapman wrote: “I have learned a lesson and do not plan on seeing the inside of a jail ever again…Since my crime, I have been married, and I love my wife very much. I cannot explain why I did what I did, but I can rest easy knowing that I have worked out my problem through my wife and Jesus Christ.” Tim is currently separated from his second wife, Davina.”

so now, except for any future bad press, i hope its safe to say we’ve seen the last of the chapmans! they’re jesus’ problem now!


now the question is… do i have an overactive sense of schadenfreud?
wait… do i care? hmm.. nope, i’m already going to hell so what’s the difference?!

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