Super Tuesday

i’m learning to super knit today! yay!

ok, that might be an overstatement.. more accurately i’m taking a knitting class. it’s two hours this evening and two hours next tuesday. we’ll see how it goes…

btw, there has been tons of legal drama surrounding britney in the last two days – restraining orders, accusations, disputes over who the conservator of her estate is, and even who her actual attorneys are at this point. but i’m off the britney train (wreck), at least for now. i hope the girl is getting the help she needs.

what?!! i’m not completely without compassion! geesh!

– you didn’t think i was going to talk about the presidential primary did you?
(i’m not even willing to say “go o’bama,” because, let’s face it, sometimes my support is the kiss of death. but i am NOT taking responsibility for the patriots, they survived my bad juju three previous times so clearly it’s giselle’s fault!)

Posted: Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 @ 4:11 pm
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  1. leslie Says:

    Hi… once you get the hang of knitting do a site search for ‘knitted dog coat patterns’ and knit Kylie a coat!

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