getting past your resistence to complete delusion is half the battle

(a) that title has nothing to do with anything, just a quote i heard today that seems poignantly relevant to.. well, my life really.

(b) I KNOW !! i know it has been weeks, nearly months since i last blogged and i left up that hideous picture of, yikes, criss angel. i’ve been busy, ok? and i’ve explained before that sometimes i just get blogged out, and this has been a really bad case of blog-itis, ok?

it probably has something to do with the fact that i am still sooo not into celeb gossip, and i’m totally burnt out on the whole election debacle.

but as long as i’m here.. let’s see.. what’s on the menu today?…

oh, while i should issue an official thank you to the writers for settling their strike in time to bring back at least a few episodes of a few shows before season’s end. however, it’s somewhat too little too late, the damage is done. i am not proud to admit it but i am undeniably hooked on Rock of Love II, and i have to say the last two episodes have been stellar!

I thought the party was over when Angelique left, but then there was the ongoing saga of Kristy Jo. I was neither a KJ fan nor a hater, but I did love the way she had of pushing those hookers’ buttons! So when she left on her own terms (misguided though they may be) I said, game over, Kristy Jo just won! She really did rock Bret’s world and break his heart, because come on, neither of them are good enough actors to have pulled off that goodbye scene if it hadn’t been somewhat as Bret would say “heartfelt.” So the rest of those girls are now playing for second place at best! And Megan, left standing there with a slightly worse look on her face than she usually has (she always looks like she smells something fowl). I am a Megan-hater so this to me was priceless.

Then there was this week’s episode. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for such a treat – we meet the ex’s! Best of all we meet Daisy’s ex, Charles, and never have I seen a couple more made for each other (except maybe Bret & Heather). And meeting Heather sooo makes me wish I would have been there for RoL-I.

So today we were reviewing info & opinions about the show on, where somebody had posted stuff about Daisy & how she used to go by Daisy Graves when she was in her boyfriend Edward’s band, “Seraphim Shock” (yeah, i don’t know). the post went on to include part of an article about the band where Daisy said she was a stripper at Shotgun Willie’s and how they had opened for Poison at Fiddler’s Green and how CC Deville was trying to get in her pants. And I thought.. wait a minute, aren’t both those places (shotgun willies & fiddler’s green) in DENVER?!? So we did some investigating, aka googling, and found the article that they referenced – it was in WESTWORD a local weekly events & lifestyle paper. But let’s not jump to the obvious conclusion.. So we googled Seraphim Shock, and of course found their MySpace page, which is also good for a laugh, btw – it’s heading reads, “Seraphim Shock – Denver, Colorado.” HOLY CRAP, Daisy’s from Denver!!

I can feel the property value of the house I have yet to buy dropping (that’s why i’ve been so busy if you must know – house hunting, is very stressful.).

the Westword article described Daisy, whose real name is not Daisy De La Hoya (guess she’s not Oscar’s niece after all), OR Daisy Grave, but Vanessa Mossman like this :
“Beside him is Daisy Grave, the group’s new bassist, and she looks, well, kind of like Daisy Duke if she had died and been dug up.”

hahahahahahahahahaha! and that was before she fucked up her face!

And by the way, the article is from 2004 and Edward mentions that he is 34! And I’m not going to call that old because I was also 34 in 2004, but seriously?? Time to give up the dream, dude, lose the soul patch and the botox (and the wife beater and wrist band while you’re at it) and get a job!

Ok, I’m done with that for now, but look out because next week they’re going to vegas and throwing stuff at Daisy’s head apparently! I can’t wait ’til sunday!

speaking of kookiness in colorado, there’s been plenty of that lately. we were determined to be “the most dangerously drunk state.” –woohoo! we’re number one! we’re number one! and in order to maintain our status it’s been on the news a lot lately that they’re trying to pass a bill or whatever to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores and to allow the sale of alcohol on sundays! god bless america!

oh and today i heard that leading the nation in suicides is las vegas. ok that makes sense. and 2nd?.. colorado springs! huh?! ok springers, you may want to focus a little less on the family (inside joke), and your rampant religious-right homophobia, and help people with their depression and self-esteem issues. just a suggestion.. denver was 8th on the list, btw. i bet most of those people were trying to buy a house.

just kidding! ok sorry, that was possibly in poor taste. guess i’m out of practice!

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2 Responses to “getting past your resistence to complete delusion is half the battle”

  1. anon Says:

    She is not Vanessa Mossman. See the video.

    ** Um yes she is. You do know it’s possible to have 2 people with the same name don’t you? ~g **

  2. shinobivega Says:

    Hey, what is your problem with Seraphim Shock and Charles Edward?

    Just because you’ve given up your dreams doesn’t mean you have to try to destroy others. I have great respect for him because he never let his age get in the way of his dream.

    And neither did Celldweller, and that guy is 45! And he’s making some serious money now! Besides, you’re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll!

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