Speaking of Japanese Imports

since all anyone can talk about is the price of gas and mpg, i have to brag a bit..

i kinda freaked out a couple months ago when it cost fifty-fucking-two dollars to fill up the celica (you remember my decepticon), but six weeks later when i still had a quarter of a tank left i decided to calculate what i was getting again. 35 mpg in town – sweet! then we went on a short road trip for july 4th, across colorado and back, and on the highway.,.. 40 !! i know right?! who needs a hybrid?!

in the meantime, the crv hit 100K miles. but it still gets 25+mpg in town, and we took it in for a check up since the odometer rolled and it got an a+. and all our friends who have hondas, which we realized is literally ALL our friends pretty much, say at a hundred thousand miles it’s just getting broken in! and they’re right, my civic had 284,000 and i still sold it for $1000!

japanese cars, much like japanese tv shows, rule!

Posted: Saturday, July 12th, 2008 @ 8:47 pm
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