Life underground

if i didn’t already hate summer, this summer would have made me hate summer. IT’S SO FUCKING HOT I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE IT!!


but literally we’ve broken a record and then some in denver by having 19 days over 90 degrees and counting..

the first five or six we tried to be tough and kept the a/c set as warm as we could stand and opening windows in the evenings. then at some point we decided screw it – we had insisted on buying a house with air conditioning so we wouldn’t have to suffer. plus we assumed it would only be another few days, maybe a week of hellish heat, that’s how it usually works around here. but this week once the record was shattered and we were heading towards 100 degree days, we headed underground… the basement where is stays about 8 degrees cooler than upstairs. so we keep the thermostat b/w 82-85 all day and until an hour or so before bedtime and we hang out down here. it’s not exactly like we’re roughing it, we’ve got cable & internet, a bathroom, a futon, even a pachinko machine. there is no wii or ps2 however, or dvd player, so it’s our version of roughing it. plus its like being in a vegas casino where you lose all concept of time. but, whadda you gonna do?

i’m gonna have a stroke when i see the electric bill, that’s what!

then there’s the complete lack of entertainment.. blerg, i hate summer!

Posted: Monday, July 28th, 2008 @ 9:54 pm
Categories: Rants.
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