Worst Summer Ever!

you know i hate summer to start with..

add a sweltering, paralyzing heat wave, including 24 consecutive days above 90 degrees.

+ the f’ing olympics, and you know i hate the olympics.

and now the damn dnc is starting the day after the olympics – IN DENVER!!

so we’re like little china now. protestors are being restricted to these giant cages and they’ve converted warehouses near downtown into jails with cells made of chain link fence with razor wire along the top and all. people are losing their fucking minds! the aclu is suing the democratic national convention. and they’re shutting down the entire city all day/night when obama makes his official acceptance at the stadium.

like a year ago when we became aware the convention would be here, we said we really need to make sure we are out of town. well then we went and bought a house (oh yeah, lets add to the equation my jacked-up house, blerg!) so we’re not going anywhere, possibly until around the time of the next olympics.

so instead of avoiding the situation, we headed straight into the thick of it and went downtown to have dinner with friends on the eve of opening day! woo-hoo! and while we’re sitting at a red light and the traffic is crawling by in front of us, a DPD SUV went by with 8 occifers riding on the running boards, IN FULL RIOT GEAR.

holy crap!! somebody commented “geezus, we’re living in a police state.” to which our republican friend replied, “well, get used to it if obama gets elected.” (for the record he doesn’t like mccain either, he’s writing somebody in. we suggested kylie!)

welcome to the jungle!

*image above borrowed from notmytribe.com – they’re sure to have interesting inside info about the dnc, probably even inside info about those warehouse jail cells.

Posted: Sunday, August 24th, 2008 @ 4:27 pm
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