car trouble

funny thing happened on the way home from the dnc… actually we didn’t go to the convention, we just went downtown for dinner (see previous post). oh while we were there we also saw a kid have to take a sobriety test and subsequently get arrested in the middle of the mele because he picked the totally wrong time to have a few beers then cruise through larimer square to pick up chicks, only to rear end somebody while checking out said chicks. genius!

anyway we left downtown and got on the highway. i was in the center lane in the celica, there was an accident in the right lane, a bus pulled over in front of me so i couldn’t see the rather large, black, metal object in the road until i ran over it and got two flat tires! me and about 6-10 other cars, and since you only carry one spare we all had to call for tow trucks. we were actually lucky it only took about 40 minutes for ours to get there in which time we saw two foxes (which was odd because we were very much in the city) and are pretty sure we heard four gunshots.

regardless, we got home safely, but it reminded me a day several years ago when i found myself in three tow trucks in one day!

i was on my way to work at the mall when my civic died, the water pump broke. so i got a tow to our mehanic’s place. but i kind of thought i was in luck because m’s car happened to be there already because she had some minor repair work done. so i called work and told them what happened and headed in, but i got half way there and the clutch went out.

no way! so i call another tow truck and head back to harry’s (that’s our mechanic). he wasn’t going to rush to replace the water pump, but he made some calls and got one asap and i took off again.

i don’t even remember what happened that time, but you guessed it…

i know, right?! the really amazing thing is that i actually eventually went to work! i had to, i needed the money!

the question now is… how do you go and get new tires when you’ve got two flat tires??

Posted: Monday, August 25th, 2008 @ 3:09 pm
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