Ok.. now I’m a little scared.

wow.. i thought the dnc was just going to be a pain in the ass, a minor major inconvenience for those of us non-partisan types trying to you know.. function in denver this week. turns out i kind of underestimated..

we found this blog by Ethan Persoff, boasting “Political Ephemera, Drug Hysteria, Vintage Sex, Health Items & Other Miscellany Delivered To You In A Timely, Inappropriate Manner Since 2001.”

well he’s in denver to cover the dnc and has a startling , to say the least, account of DAY TWO.

here’s an excerpt about the police surrounding and trapping a group of young, unarmed protesters because they left the “designated protest area”:

Finally, after the arrival of two tanks, hundreds more police, some snypers on the top of the Sheraton hotel, more gas masks, horses, cargo trucks, five helicopters — the crowd was released. And with them, the stories.
It’s difficult to know what is true and what isn’t, but I can trust the faces. You can tell when someone has experienced something truly shocking to their internal system. They begin to purge out information like they’re just trying to make sense of it for themselves. It was during a few conversations that I heard the most brutal stuff:

..”I saw this one cop – it was with a fifteen year old kid…. They scream for everyone to get on the sidewalk. This kid does what he’s told but the cop just still comes right at him with him billy club and WHAM, hits the kid horizontally … fifteen years old … right in the chest with the cane with something that looked like 80 or 90% of the cop’s body weight. This kid’s suddenly up against a wall and the cop continues to hit this kid eight or nine times.”

they also arrested three men separately believed to be plotting against obama, they haven’t said why they believe that, just that they had bullet-proof vests, rifles, ammo, walkie-talkies, etc. and one of those dudes was in aurora when they picked him up. oh yeah, did i mention?.. we’re actually in aurora (which makes up appx. the eastern 1/3 of the denver metro area.)

TANKS?! yikes! and obama’s not even here yet! that’s it, i’m staying indoors the rest of the week!

Posted: Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 @ 1:23 pm
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