Nevermind the DNC..

you know what a short attention span i have so guess you won’t be getting a wrap up of the DNC from me.. sorry, but (a) i think those signs pretty much summed up the insanity around here, and (2) i’m thinking they had it a lot worse in the twin cities for the RNC, poor bastards, that eskimo woman seems a little wacky!

besides there was a much more significant event that week.. my birthday! and for my birthday, in addition to being able to witness the dnc, i also got two flat tires and a speeding ticket, oh and a big zit on my chin!

yay, 39!! (yes, that’s right 39 (for the first time) and still getting zits. blerg!!)

oh well, they can’t all be champagne and roses, and on the bright side.. if this keeps up i’ll actually be looking forward to turning 40! ;)

ps: i did also spend a couple of very nice evenings with friends, and i have really great friends! what more could one ask for?

Posted: Friday, September 5th, 2008 @ 2:12 pm
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  1. leslie Says:

    Hey… Happy Birthday!

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