Cartman Bonita

South Park fans you may want to sit down, i have some news for you.. Casa Bonita is a real place!

i didn’t realize so few people knew that but earlier this week there was a story on BoingBoing about denver’s own Casa Bonita and people lost their minds some because they have been there and have very strong opinions, but more because they assumed it was fictional. which is silly because all the South Park references i can think of are real. from South Park itself, which really is a small part of the small town in colorado called Fairplay, which is ironic because it’s identified on the internet as one of the country’s worst speed traps, which i can attest to since the first time i drove through South Park colorado i got a speeding ticket from officer Barbrady; to the fact that tom cruise won’t come out of the closet.

anywhoo, Casa Bonita is real and yes it is as wonderful as Cartman claimed and if i was a kid i might be tempted to lock Butters in a refrigerator for a chance to go.  because yes, they have puppet shows, and a wild west show, and strolling mariachi bands, and of course cliff divers – that’s right, cliff divers… inside the restaurant!! plus a gift shop, plus an arcade, with skee ball! it’s fabulous!!

ok, so what the strip mall it’s in has seen better days, so what it smells like pirates o the carribean – the ride, not the movies (the movies smell much worse! hahahaha!), so what the food is the equivalent of high school cafeteria mexican food, it’s about the experience!!

we’ve taken most all of our out of town visitors there over the last few years. those who have a sense of humor, and a sense of adventure truly enjoy it. one of them even liked the food! oh, and that’s not totally unreasonable – their free, unlimited sopapillas are sooooooooooo goooooooood! and you just have to raise the flag on your table and they’ll bring you a new, fresh, hot basket! i am not making this up! of course trying to get a long-time denver resident to go to “the casa” is a little trickier. i don’t know why.. you can sit and dine overlooking the dive pool, or in the villa, or behind the water fall, or in the cave with the stalactites & stalagmites, and have your characature (sp?) drawn, or have one of those old-timey photos taken, all while drinking margaritas! what could be better than that?

dude.. i just decided where my 40th birthday bash will be!!

ps: in the days since the Casa Bonita story was posted on BoingBoing the comments have kind of exploded. people are raving about how great it is; raging about how horrible it is; and reminiscing about all things nostalgic in denver – it’s pretty funny!

Posted: Thursday, September 11th, 2008 @ 1:46 pm
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