“Blogs” – bllehhck! (revisited)

in my very first ever blog post, titled “”Blogs” – bllehhck!” i ranted (go figure):

Who are these obnoxious people posting on-line diaries or “Blogs” as I understand they’re commonly called? Why do they presume that other people are interested in the uninteresting details of their little lives?

i went on of course to acknowledge, shamefully, the irony that now i was one of them. that was in 2002 for chrissake!!

now the estimate is that 50 THOUSAND new blogs are launched PER DAY, and 1.5 MILLION blog posts are published everyday!!

seriously people, WE (myself included) are NOT that interesting!

leave it to despair.com to sum it up so suscinctly. oh and one of my favorite bumper stickers of all times, next to “Against abortion? Don’t have one.” is “Nobody’s reading your blog!”

at least my blog is self-aware. i know nobody cares. so if i don’t blog for weeks, nay months, at a time. who cares!!

Posted: Friday, December 5th, 2008 @ 12:32 pm
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