Worst Summer Ever!

August 24th, 2008

you know i hate summer to start with..

add a sweltering, paralyzing heat wave, including 24 consecutive days above 90 degrees.

+ the f’ing olympics, and you know i hate the olympics.

and now the damn dnc is starting the day after the olympics – IN DENVER!!

so we’re like little china now. protestors are being restricted to these giant cages and they’ve converted warehouses near downtown into jails with cells made of chain link fence with razor wire along the top and all. people are losing their fucking minds! the aclu is suing the democratic national convention. and they’re shutting down the entire city all day/night when obama makes his official acceptance at the stadium.

like a year ago when we became aware the convention would be here, we said we really need to make sure we are out of town. well then we went and bought a house (oh yeah, lets add to the equation my jacked-up house, blerg!) so we’re not going anywhere, possibly until around the time of the next olympics.

so instead of avoiding the situation, we headed straight into the thick of it and went downtown to have dinner with friends on the eve of opening day! woo-hoo! and while we’re sitting at a red light and the traffic is crawling by in front of us, a DPD SUV went by with 8 occifers riding on the running boards, IN FULL RIOT GEAR.

holy crap!! somebody commented “geezus, we’re living in a police state.” to which our republican friend replied, “well, get used to it if obama gets elected.” (for the record he doesn’t like mccain either, he’s writing somebody in. we suggested kylie!)

welcome to the jungle!

*image above borrowed from notmytribe.com – they’re sure to have interesting inside info about the dnc, probably even inside info about those warehouse jail cells.

The Dark Knight – not just hype

August 2nd, 2008

WOW! we made our annual pilgrimage to an actual movie theater last night to see Batman: The Dark Knight, and WOW! i almost wanted it not to be as good as everyone said. it was better. if i had to use one word… INTENSE! then again the name pretty much says it all, it’s DARK!

by far the best comic movie ever! (sorry, brandon) and i’ve never particularly been a batman fan and always found christian bale pretty creepy. but its better than superman returns, and transformers – and you know how much i love brandon and my optimus prime! but it’s a fact..

and i’m gonna stop now because i realize i was among the last 30 or 40 people to see the movie so you all ready know this.

btw, the heath ledger thing, also not hype and not just because he died. he was riveting, amazing, outstanding, phenomenal, wow!

Life underground

July 28th, 2008

if i didn’t already hate summer, this summer would have made me hate summer. IT’S SO FUCKING HOT I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE IT!!


but literally we’ve broken a record and then some in denver by having 19 days over 90 degrees and counting..

the first five or six we tried to be tough and kept the a/c set as warm as we could stand and opening windows in the evenings. then at some point we decided screw it – we had insisted on buying a house with air conditioning so we wouldn’t have to suffer. plus we assumed it would only be another few days, maybe a week of hellish heat, that’s how it usually works around here. but this week once the record was shattered and we were heading towards 100 degree days, we headed underground…

..to the basement where is stays about 8 degrees cooler than upstairs. so we keep the thermostat b/w 82-85 all day and until an hour or so before bedtime and we hang out down here. it’s not exactly like we’re roughing it, we’ve got cable & internet, a bathroom, a futon, even a pachinko machine. there is no wii or ps2 however, or dvd player, so it’s our version of roughing it. plus its like being in a vegas casino where you lose all concept of time. but, whadda you gonna do?

i’m gonna have a stroke when i see the electric bill, that’s what!

then there’s the complete lack of entertainment.. blerg, i hate summer!

Hey Brandon got a gig!

July 24th, 2008

remember that guy, Brandon Routh? I think he played in one of those comic book movies a couple years ago.. not batman, not spiderman, who’s the other guy?.. oh yeah, superman! i almost forgot.

so a couple weeks ago, for some reason Brandon’s name came up which is pretty rare, even around here, and i was wondering if he had cut his goofy hair at some pint, so I checked brandonrouth.com for the first in i don’t know, a year. and his hair was in need of a cut but not completely out of control, and there he was with Kumar who was all dressed up in suit & tie at the premier of the Harold & Kumar sequel. and i was thinking that Kumar was thinking, thanks for dressing up dude, that’s a nice t-shirt!

so then as the stupid summer show “fear itself” was coming on and m was asking ‘why are we watching this stupid show, when we’ve already determined its obviously written by 12 year olds’, and i was saying ‘ask the tivo, it obviously has nothing better to do in the summer’.. i was wondering if Brandon was getting any work so i had gone to imdb and noticed he had an upcoming television guest appearance on “fear itself.”

what are the chances??

anyway, the episode is on tonight and i guess it can’t be any worse than the previous episodes, like the one staring eric roberts (yikes).

oh Brandon, i know its tempting and i know “Superman: Man of Steel” is still only at the stage of “announced,” but puhleeeeze don’t start doing TV movies, especially on lifetime!

Speaking of Japanese Imports

July 12th, 2008

since all anyone can talk about is the price of gas and mpg, i have to brag a bit..

i kinda freaked out a couple months ago when it cost fifty-fucking-two dollars to fill up the celica (you remember my decepticon), but six weeks later when i still had a quarter of a tank left i decided to calculate what i was getting again. 35 mpg in town – sweet! then we went on a short road trip for july 4th, across colorado and back, and on the highway.,.. 40 !! i know right?! who needs a hybrid?!

in the meantime, the crv hit 100K miles. but it still gets 25+mpg in town, and we took it in for a check up since the odometer rolled and it got an a+. and all our friends who have hondas, which we realized is literally ALL our friends pretty much, say at a hundred thousand miles it’s just getting broken in! and they’re right, my civic had 284,000 and i still sold it for $1000!

japanese cars, much like japanese tv shows, rule!

I think I’m turning Japanese

June 30th, 2008

[..i really think so.] could it be all the asian food i eat? could it be all the time i lived in hawaii? that’s definitely when it started. or is it all the japanese tv i’m watching??


Ninja Warrior!! my new favorite show! it’s on G4, a channel created for geeky guys, with shows like “hurl” which is a show about vomiting (seriously), and soon i’m sure to be the home of “Ow, my balls!”

in the meantime, there’s at least an hour of Ninja Warrior on every day! it defies explanation really, but basically its the world’s most insane obstacle course, which may not seem that interesting but it is totally compelling! they start off with 100 contestants and usually only 5 or 6 make it past the first stage, which is a hundred yard timed course of crazy jumps and climbs and ropes and bars and climbs all over a pit of muddy water. on a good day, half of those people make it past stage 2 which is shorter, and also timed but you have much less time to do much more challenging tasks like climbing a ladder when all you have is one rung which you have to hold on to and throw your whole body up to hook the rung on the next notch where a step should be, then at the end you have to lift three walls and crawl under them, each one being heavier than the last one and starting at 100lbs. then there’s stage 3 which sometimes nobody gets through, even though they have unlimited time. it’s all upper body strength stuff like hanging by your fingertips on a ledge that’s only a couple inches wide and having to move down it then reach up to a higher level and back down to a lower level, it’s called the cliff hanger,then there’s the body prop and the pipe slider, and on and on. and if anybody survives all that, for the fourth and final stage they have to scale the center of a huge tower in 15 seconds then climb a ridiculously long rope in the remaining 15 seconds. they’ve been having this competition for 10 years and only 2 people have ever completed the whole damn thing! yet they keep coming back again and again and again to try again and again. and they keep making the course harder!! you can click here to go to G4 and play the video to see an american dude try to complete the whole thing.


then there’s the Unbeatable Banzuke and i don’t know what banzuke means but this much smaller obstacle course is definitely, usually unbeatable. there are different versions, sometimes it’s for unicycles, sometimes stilts, sometimes they have to walk on their hands over stairs covered with gravel or on moving conveyor belts, etc. it’s insane! usually they have 2 or 3 events per show and usually nobody completes the course. ir’s craaaazy, and i loooove it!

and now there’s a new show in america called, “I survived a Japanese game show,” we watched the first episode last week and it was hilarious!! those wacky japanese really know their game shows!

all i know is its keeping me entertained in the entertainmentlessness of the long hot miserable summer!

Honest To Blog..

June 15th, 2008

..it may seem like I never blog anymore, but I assure you that this is not the case. i actually oversee, or contribute to a few other blogs. A new one recently has required a lot of my time & attention purely as a “consultant.” maybe i’ll be able to explain more later, in the meantime bear with me.

for what it’s worth, which is nothing, i’m always blogging in my head. especially when i’m sitting in traffic, or on hold, or you know, working. like yesterday.. i’m driving and i exit the highway, i’m in the lane to turn left, the left turn arrow is green, but the car in front of me stops – at a green light! i honk a little. the car sits there, i wait to see some hazard lights or the hood pop up, but nothing.. i honk again, the car sits. when traffic clears i whip around the car, i look at the driver who’s of course ON THE PHONE, and barely make it through before the light turns red. then the stopped car follows me through the light which would have then been totally red. i was of course cussing like tony soprano. i get into the right lane to turn at the next intersection, so does that damn car. i turn right, again on yellow, she turned right on red – this time without stopping. then i’m going about 42 in a 40 mph zone and she flies past me, still ON THE PHONE! wtf??!

anyway, until i get myself a brain-to-blog download, poor princessglenda.com will likely continue to be somewhat neglected. sorry.

Time Traveling Bunnies & Other Island Paradoxes

May 30th, 2008

well kids, we’ve arrived at the end of another season of LOST… and what have we learned??

JJ Abrams is a prick! Oh wait, we already knew that!

Jack is a wussy moron! Oh wait, we knew that too!

Ben has a sense of humor? That was surprising!

But what was more important than what we discovered is what was concealed, or should I say cloaked… the whole f’ing island disappeared!!

and i laughed and laughed, it was awesome!

wait a minute… what do you mean it wasn’t supposed to be funny?

who writes this stuff??

i hear lots of LOST lovers hated it, but they got me.. i’ll be watching next season to see how they pull this one out of their asses! when will that be, btw? 2011?


How I’m paying the mortgage

May 22nd, 2008



Yeah right, that would require a 99 year mortgage! but you must admit, these are fantastic!

Things we lost in the move

May 15th, 2008

.. MY SANITY! Hands down, WORST MOVE EVER!! and that’s from somebody who once moved from Hawaii to New Jersey!
This time we only moved about twelve miles and I almost didn’t survive. What a nightmare.. maybe I’ll go into details later but something else I seem to have misplaced – any form of free time, aka blog time!